Creating posts

To start your post click on the “+ New” at the top and select “Post” from the menu.

Write the title in the box near the top and write the body of the text in the large box. The two tabs “Visual” and “Text” control the view you get when editing. The text view gives close to raw html and will be avoided by most people.

Feel free to experiment with the controls above the large box. For formatting styles you will normally use “Paragraph” or “Heading 2” as “Heading 1” is generally too big.

If the post should only be visible to logged in users because it contains personal information or information which should not be world readable for other reasons please select the “Block this page” button at the top of the right hand side bar. In addition you need to add a marker to go between public and private information. If the entire post should be hidden then place the marker at the top. To create the marker click on the symbol between the omega and the emoticon which has a horizontal bar at the top and bottom and a dashed line in the middle.

Choose 1 category “Concert”, “Social” or “Meetings” – don’t specify “uncategorised”

If you want to see what your post will look like select “Preview Changes” which will create a new tab in your browser. Remember to go back and publish it otherwise it will remain as a draft – not visible to users.

When you are happy press the publish button.

Later you can edit your post – but not the posts of others.

After you have created or updated your post you will see a link at the top saying “view post”

If you need help please contact the webmaster