Summer 2021 Update

Over the last year we found ourselves grappling with Zoom –  trying to keep ourselves in voice, and the spirit of the choir alive, by singing together. Those of us who joined the group certainly enjoyed the experience, but we missed those who opted out. Zoom choir practices can never hope to replace the joy of making music and singing together in the same physical space and we are looking forward to being able to do that again soon.

During our Summer Term, a short six weeks in April and May, we sang a number of delightful pieces led by Sebastian Thomson, our Music Director:

  • ‘The Long Day Closes’ by Sullivan
  • ‘Crossing the Bar’ by Parry
  • ‘Now is the Month of Maying’ by Morley
  • ‘Pastyme with Good Company’ by Henry VIII
  • ‘Oh Lord, in Thee is All my Trust’ by Tallis.

Different from our usual choral pieces, these were shorter and easier to learn, giving us a heady sense of achievement and pleasure in those few weeks. 

The Committee has been busy updating our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy and putting them into action. Anyone who is interested can find both on this website and feel confident that we are handling sensitive data appropriately.

It is now summer and, unfortunately, Covid is still having a big impact on the way we are leading our lives, even though we are out of lockdown. The Committee is drawing up plans to start rehearsals again in September, but are mindful of the continuing need to keep each other safe. We hope that we do not have to return to Zoom sessions.

Unfortunately, we can’t yet decide about a concert in 2021 due to the continuing prevalence of Covid infections, but remain hopeful that we will be back to normal soon.